I help lead the team at Filament, where we are inventing new ways for computers to be built and used. I think it’s revolutionary that a tiny computer can wirelessly communicate many miles and exchange value with other tiny computers. So I spend much of my time helping to bring about this possible future.

I geek out heavily on this thing called systems theory, and believe that in general, the larger and more complex a system, the better it operates if it is decentralized.

I have a strange attraction to recursive things. I blame Doug Hofstadter for this quirk.

I have two wonderful children, and the most amazing mate who is the love of my life, and continues to show me this love in ways untold.

I am a proud part of the LGBT* community and I take very seriously the epidemic of inequality stemming from tribalism and ignorance.

As a creative outlet, I enjoy composing and recording music—mostly inspired by electronics, with guitar as my main instrument. Almost always, it’s a blend of human and machine. I have a soft spot in my heart for analog synthesis.