First Paper Prototype

Out comes the posterboard…

There were some really good alternative layout ideas on the ReasonTalk forum, so I took a page from Geremix and Selig (two members of that site), and tried a new layout (for only the center section)–one with appropriate desired dimensions. I’m aiming for 13” wide maximum (not counting endcaps, because those should be able to come off if you add additional mixer banks to either/both sides)–to get close to the original 4k width. And this prototype v2 came in at 20” tall, all in, including the palm rest. And I was able to provide 12 degrees slant of the board–kinda feels awesome and real-ish!

Here’s the v2 layout (incorporating Geremix’s idea of making the send/return/pan of the master FX slimmed down and selectable–great idea!)

And I mounted it to posterboard to get the right slant angle for the eventual layout. May or may not keep the slant–it may be weird to have all the faders on the slant as well for the fader banks–but haven’t started those yet. All the buttons feel like the right size, and I copied the transport dimensions exactly from my DM3200 (b/c I like its size, I can use it without looking, which is super important for a transport!)

Not quite sure if the wrist wrest is long enough yet–my hand just barely fits, so may need another half inch. But, sitting in front of this in full size, this is a piece of hardware I think I’d really like using!

I was on the fence about including the Big Meter, but I think it’s really helpful for monitoring all of the hardware inputs and outputs when mixing–especially if you’re using external gear–since you can scroll through both the inputs and outputs, it’s kinda nice. I thought you could source Reason channels into Big Channel too, and I was going to ditch the meter on the channel strip fader, but appears that Big Meter is only for the 64 ins/outs for the hardware interface–ah well.

Only thing I wasn’t able to include was Geremix’s suggestions about custom user-defined buttons. I think it’s a great idea–just need to find a location for them.

Also, still a little undecided about the large OLED touchscreens–I haven’t been able to source any of those (without having custom ones made), so avoiding falling into that temptation if I later can’t find any for reasonable cost. Haven’t ruled it out though! (especially for the Big Meter, so that the VU offset would work properly).